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Larson SmithWerks

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De Hoefsmid Farrier Services

I have been a Farrier in the Lower Mainland Vancouver for over 12 years.

From Squamish to Mission I have served my customers.

I have experience with many breeds and behavioural traits, using natural handling techniques.

I have some experience in corrective shoeing. 

Frequently asked questions

How often do you shoe a horse?

It is recommended every four to six weeks, depending on the soundness of the horse.

Do you have to shoe your horse all year round?

No. In the winter it is recommended to leave the horse unshod due to less riding and softer ground.

What is the difference between cold shoeing and hot shoeing?

Hot shoeing insures a better fit and the shoes stay on longer.  

What do I do if my horse is lame?

Call your farrier first because we are trained in ailments of every kind below the knee. Through proper farrier care the problem can be solved in a short period of time without the expense of a vet visit.